Tuesday, January 4, 2011

shame, shame rio

so here's the deal rio de janero is the site of the next
summer olympics (i don't know whose brilliant idea that
was, but i digress). this new years rio unveiled "their" logo for
these esteemed events. tada here it is.
but, but you say there is nothing wrong with this it looks
just fine some might say (others say its boring anyways).
if only that was all. take a look at this logo:

now you start to see where the problem comes in. not
much is different between these two logos.
you might even say the rio one looks
like an updated version of the telluride one.the red person
is missing and they no longer have legs, the rest is
pretty much the same. you would think (hope) that a big design firm
would have caught something like this before going
public with something as big as an olympic logo.
you would think the olympic committee might have had a look
around to see if the logo was an original before declaring
it to the world. the Brazilian government is saying there is no issue,
no surprise there, of course they don't want to have to recant their logo
to the rest of the world and look like idiots. but i think they are looking
like bigger idiots by not doing anything.
so far the telluride foundation (which is based in denver) has
not come out with a statement regarding the
situation. probably having a lengthy discussion
with their lawyer right at this very moment.
someone had the nerve to say that telluride has no cause
for complaint because their logo looks
similar to this matisse painting.

i thinks there is a much bigger difference between telluride and matisse
than there is between rio and telluride. and while we are on the subject
the matisse painting has probably reached the age to
where it is in the public domain, unless someone
has copyrighted it. so even if telluride had copied the
matisse (which i don't think they did) it would not count as
plagiarism do to the fact that the matisse is in the public domain.

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