Monday, December 13, 2010

here we go again

its erin brockovich vs pg&e part two.

they believed the company that the water was safe? are you serious!!! there was a major chemical leak in the ground in your town and many people got very sick from it, the company paid your city money and said they would clean it up so you go back to drinking the water? wtf?  they never thought to get the water tested by an independent source on an semiannual basis to insure that their water was okay to drink? people who don't even live where something like that has happened do that. no their just gonna go by what the company who paid them off says that their personal water is okay. i don't get it...
 if money is the issue which it shouldn't be with the size of the settlement, they can send water samples to their county extension office to get it tested for FREE! you would think someone would have looked into that a bit sooner rather than just relying on the company who poisoned them in the first place to guess whether or not their water was safe. did the company come out and test it?
and i am certainly not saying that the company here is not at fault. they knew the plume had moved further in one direction but thought it was okay because it shrank on a different side. but yet they never told the people in that direction that it had changed. and monitoring it is not anywhere near the same as attempting to clean it up. they are saying now that they are willing to test the water, if anyone solely goes by their findings they are an idiot. number 1- they should have been having every ones water within a 20 mile radius tested by an independent resource this whole time, at least twice a year. number 2- if they were ordered to clean it up, why wasn't anyone monitoring them to make sure that they did.  number three- why wasn't the epa monitoring the situation since they certainly knew there to be a problem. as long as their going for another round of lawsuits they may as well add the epa to their list of negligent companies as well.

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