Friday, January 7, 2011

politics as usual

i am so fed up with the republican party.when bush was in office it was oh we need to spend more on the middle east, we can't be expected to balance the budget in a time of war,
the fall in the economy was in no way foreseeable and is sometimes normal during wartime.
8 years we listened to all of these reasons why things weren't as bad as they seemed and why
we needed to give up some of our rights in order to become more safe, and why we needed to
spend trillions of dollars on homeland security and the middle east.
now that a democrat is in the office all of sudden they had nothing to do with
any of it. they blame democrats for the economy not bouncing back yet,
they also are going off on a war path about spending, they are saying that there
needs to be away for them to work together more effectively, never mind that last
year when democrats were in the majority they basically said blow it out your ass
when the democrats tried to do the same thing. they are not shutting up about the health
bill being unconstitutional in their view and are threatening to repeal it, and has
anyone reminded them that not that very long ago they themselves came up with a health plan fairly similar, and were upset when it did not go anywhere.
i am so sick and tired of all the hypocrisy and back stabbing, name calling
and selfish behavior that is displayed by these people in Washington
(our so called leaders) on a daily basis.
and what was up with the whole reading of the constitution, and it wasn't even
the full version, key parts and context was left out.  i remember them having the whole media blitz a few years ago about how parts of it were no longer viable
and that certain rights wee going to have to be alienated in order
to have  a safer environment in our country.
it just really chaps my hide. which is my polite way of saying pisses me off!

i wish someone without an agenda other than doing what is best for
everyone could manage to make a difference. but it
would be near imposable with all of the others who would certainly
shut them down.

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