Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At what point did we stop respecting the president of the United States no matter who that may be? It used to be we as a people respected the office and the person who held it no matter what and backed and supported them. But it seems to me now we are more divided over party lines than ever, people don't seem to care about the issues and truth as much as they care about wether or not their candidate was/is the person who is in office. If that person is not of ones party then they are not going to agree with them no matter what and are going to go against them on all issues even if it is something that is in the best interest for our country. It makes me sad for us all.
 sorry, just get a little frustrated. I don't believe in publicly bashing the president no matter whom that may be. And some of the things I have heard this election year has really made me sad. Our last congress got less done than any other congress in history due to (I believe) quibbling over party lines. And if birthers and conspiracy theorist had but even half of their energy into working out and coming up with comprimises on the problems that matter maybe more would have gotten done in the last four years. Some of the stuff my kids have come home saying about President Obama have just been outrageous, and ya know these kids are getting it from their parents. do people really believe that President Obama had something to do with 9/11? That was one of the crazier things I heard. unbelievable, lies wont solve our contries problems, hard work coming together and truth will.