Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the fda tries again

the fda has decided that its anti-smoking campaign is not working and that they need to 
step up their game. so their new strategy is they will take over the top
third of packaging instead of just the side, in order to put pictures on the packs
designed to scare people into quitting smoking.
what i want to know is why the fda continually singles out smokers.
 i don't see pictures being put on beer cans, wine bottles or other alcohol 
related products. i am willing to hazard a guess
that more people die every year and more money is spent on alcohol 
related issues than cigarette related issues. is it just because smoking is not as socially 
acceptable as drinking is anymore? and that lobbyists 
for alcohol companies are not shunned (if they even
need lobbyists) i don't think we are in danger of ever going through
prohibition again because drinking is seen as acceptable.
i hate the argument that "i don't like smelling cigarette smoke its gross" well ya
know what i don't like driving on the roads with people who have been 
drinking or dealing with inebriated people on the beach and in stores and restaurants. 
i am pretty certain that alcohol fuels a lot of crimes while
 smoking does not. i'm not saying get rid of alcohol instead or also,
i'm just saying that it seems very prejudicial against a group of people
who really aren't doing anything wrong. and
ignoring a much larger group of people who are.
don't get me wrong i think a lot of the sides of this issue have issues.
the peeps who also cry foul that the tobacco companies are at fault
for making them addicted to smoking are also laughable. every individual who 
smokes made/makes a conscious decision to light
every cigarette. everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions
and quit looking for someone else to blame.
and this anti-southren theory, i don't even know where to start on 
that one. why would the government have an
anti-southren campaign? i really do not understand the 
thinking behind this one, so i cannot put forth alternate
reasoning as to why this is a fallacy. only laugh that the theory exists at
all. i have lived in the south, part of my family is from the deep south,
and today is the first time i have heard of the 
anti-southren conspiracy theory. haha (sorry could not 
help that one)  
am i the only one who feels this way? is there anyone left who
is able to look at issues for what they are and
not for what it will get them or wether or not their 
church/political party agrees with it. i feel sometimes that the majority of
america is acting sheepish (baa) and blindly following
whatever political agenda their party puts in front of them.
i don't know know maybe its just me.