Sunday, February 27, 2011

are you serious

can glenn beck actually be serious. one would think that he is since he's been going at it for several weeks now. he is verbally attacking a 78 year old lady and telling his listeners that her and her late husband are fundamentally responsible for the collapse of not only the the american economic system but the housing market as well.
one has to wonder what in the world these two people could have done to make such an impact on our way of life and why they have not been stopped.
well it turns out the only thing they did was conduct a study on what percentage of the people who were eligible for welfare were actually on welfare. and then "gasp" they wrote an article outlining a way for these people to apply for welfare. it was their belief that if everyone who was eligible for welfare actually applied for it then the government would take notice of how big a problem poverty really is and would do more about it.
and here is the kicker they did all this 45 years ago.
so i'm guessing old glenn beck perceives that this article that noone has ever heard about that was published 45 years ago is the reason for all of the problems we are having today. he has even gone so far as to call them public enemy number one.
now this 78 year old widow who is a professor at a new york college and the author of a conservative blog is receiving several death threats a day from people who feel she is a terrorist and would like to see her fry.
what i want to know is: number one why has nobody called
him out on this yet; and number two why do his
listeners blindly follow what he says and don't even do their home
work before threatening to kill someone.
is this what our society has come to? we will blindly follow what someone says to the
point of going out of our way to threaten someone without ever stopping to question wether or not there is any validity to the claim? are we that willing to pass the blame on to someone else.
shame on you glenn beck and shame on your listeners.
hmmmm i wonder how many shows someone could get on and point the finger right back at him for hate-mongering and fear-mongering?
maybe its just me and my warped since of justice but i think there should be some repercussions for what he has done and i think that his listeners should be told the real story about these two people.
just sayin'

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What next

So the U.S. just had one of the biggest winter storms in history, australia just had one of the largest typhoons in its history, that volcano in japan erupted six times in a week and egypt is falling apart.
Where are all the dooms-dayers? I have yet to hear anyone declaring that its the end of the world. You'd think they would be all over this. Are they afraid that it may actually be this time and they've discovered that their not as ready as they thought they were? Hmmmm...... I may have to ponder this one further.