Thursday, December 9, 2010

"don't tell cause i don't want to know" said the priest

so apparently some of the clergy in the military (60 something at last count) don't agree with the military getting rid of their don't as don't tell policy. mainly the ones of the Evangelical persuasion. because they feel it is morally wrong and goes against their beliefs.
 is anyone else wondering WTH they are doing as clergy then? what happened to love thy neighbor as thy self? does that only apply to those neighbors that they believe are morally straight? 
and if they are offended by gays because it goes against the bibles teachings, what about all the other things that i am sure they participate in that also go against the bibles teachings?
such as touching the skin of a dead pig, does working on the sabbath count for football players? what about wearing clothes made out of two different cloths, there goes some parts of their uniform.
but. but, you might say most of those tenants are found in the old testament. ppffhhtt! is what i have to say about that. are ye now picking and choosing which parts of the bible to adhere to.
just admit that in this day and age some parts of it are no longer relevant, i know it's hard to do.

and another take on it could be okay you don't agree with it, fine then don't do it. judge not lest ye be judged.  

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